DeltaV Backup and Recovery - Short Course, 7501V - Emerson Course

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This 1-day course is designed for control system administrators and IT specialists responsible for managing, installing, and executing Backup and Recovery procedures for DeltaV. The course will be a combination of lectures and hand-on workshop exercises. 

Topics Include

ƒ Backup and Recovery Overview
ƒ Backup and Recovery
ƒ Backup and Recovery Installation
ƒ Installing Components on Manage Machines
ƒ Universal Restore Utility
ƒ Backup Plan Templates
ƒ Backup Recovery Groups
ƒ Backup Recovery Vaults
ƒ Backing up a System
ƒ Scheduling Backups
ƒ Monitoring the Backup and Recovery System
ƒ Recovering Backups
ƒ Maintaining and Troubleshooting DeltaV Backup and Recovery
ƒ Creating Reports for DeltaV Backup and Recovery

This course is designed for control system administrators and IT specialists.

DeltaV Information Technology for Automation Personnel - 7023, or DeltaV System Administration - 7027, or equivalent DeltaV administration experience.

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Date Start: 2023-01-10
Date End: 2023-01-10

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