Syncade Operations Implementation, 7180 - Emerson Course

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This 4.5-day course aims to equip the students to understand where Syncade fits on a production environment. This includes the applications of different modules that Syncade has in a manufacturing environment. These modules are Security & Audit (SA), Document Control & Archiving (DCA), Training & Development (TD), Equipment Tracking (ET), Materials and Inventory Management (MM & IM), Order Management (OM), Weigh & Dispense (WD), and Quality Review Manager (QRM). This course also allows the students to build a basic recipe to be created via Recipe Authoring (RA) application and simulate it via Workflow (WF).

1.      Manufacturing Operations Management
2.      Security and Audit (SA)
3.      Portal
4.      Document Control & Archiving (DCA)
5.      Training & Development (TD)
6.      Process Simulation
7.      Equipment Tracking (ET)
8.      Materials Management (MM)
9.      Inventory Management (IM)
10.   Recipe Authoring (RA) Overview
11.   Enumeration Sets
12.   Work Instruction (WI)
13.   RA Database Items
14.   Operations (OP), Unit Procedures (UP), Procedures (PRC)
15.   Process Segment (PS)
16.   Master Recipe (MR)
17.   Order Management (OM)
18.   Weigh & Dispense (WD)
19.   Workflow (WF)
20.   Manufacturing and Quality Review (MR/QRM)


Engineers and IT professional who are new to Syncade and will be involved in usage and configuration of Syncade modules.



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Location: English
Date Start: 2022-10-24
Date End: 2022-10-28

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