DeltaV PMO Configuration Standard - PCSD, 7076 - Emerson Course

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DeltaV PMO Configuration Standard - Virtual - 7076V


This 4½ day course will introduce students to the PCSD structure and commonly used PCSD templates for analog, discrete and regulatory control. Students will also learn how to implement new DeltaV control modules using the PCSD library.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
•        Support a production system based on PCSD through understanding the structure of the PCSD library
•        Modify existing control strategies while maintaining consistency with the PCSD library
•        Add control strategies while maintaining consistency with the PCSD library


Benefits of a structured approach to configuration
•                  PCSD Structure
•                  Operator graphics standards
•                  Configuration of the following using PCSD class-based modules: 
                   -        Analog value reading and setting
                   -        Control of discrete devices
                   -        Loop control
                   -        Sequential control using Equipment Modules
                   -        Supervisory sequential control using Phases (optional)
•                  Modification of existing PCSD-based control configuration
•                  PCSD methods for:
                   -        Module arbitration
                   -        Mode locking
                   -        Mode, state and failure propagation
                   -        Inter-module interfacing
                   -        Interlocks, permissive and force set points


This course is designed for engineers and technicians who maintain a DeltaV system configured using the PMO Configuration Standards for DeltaV (PCSD) library. 


Course 7009, DeltaV Operate Implementation I-Introduction or Course 7409 Implementation using DeltaV Live-Introduction or equivalent field experience and familiarity with process control.


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