DeltaV Information Technology for Automation Personnel, 7023 - Emerson Course

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This 3-day course will provide students a set of essential information technology (I.T.) skills.  The course touches different technologies like Physical and Virtualization environments, Networks, Domains and Security. By learning these new technologies using a combination of lecture and hands-on workshops. The student will learn to successfully setup, maintain, and troubleshoot a DeltaV distributed control system, integrate and exchange information with Business Systems and create CyberSecurity awareness. The course will distill the core learnings and techniques required from the Information Technology skill set, providing a targeted launch point for the student to adopt and successfully use these technologies.  After attending, students will be prepared to dive deeply into these technologies by attending other higher-level courses like 7027 - DeltaV System Administration, 7028 - DeltaV Virtualization Administration and 7226 – DeltaV CyberSecurity Administration.





DeltaV System Administrators, Process Control Engineers, Instrumentation/Electrical Technicians, and I.T. staff supporting the DeltaV system.‚Äč

  1. Overview

This chapter will on a high level discuss the topics of this course and give an introduction to the Skytap class environment.

  1. Networking

This chapter discusses the different acronyms and definitions, network hardware and the TCP/IPv4 network suite ports and protocols.

  1. Virtualization

This chapter discusses the definition, advantage and the components within a DeltaV Virtualization environment.

  1. Domain

This chapter discusses the domain environment in a traditional way and the usage of Independent Domain Controllers introduced in DeltaV v14. Further it discusses the different components used within a domain like domain controller, domain name servers, organizational units and group policies.

  1. Servers

This chapter discusses the different types of Physical/Virtual Servers and common DeltaV Servers types like Professional Plus and Application Station.

  1. DeltaV

This chapter discusses the different types of DeltaV Hardware (like Controllers, Classic IO and CIOC), Software (like Professional Plus, Operator Station, Application Station) and licensing (like DST, Major Version, CSS, Add-on and Scale-Up). Further it discusses DeltaV IP addressing and how to get support via Guardian / Global Service Center or local FSO / Impact Partner for your DeltaV System.

  1. Security

This chapter discusses common Security Terms and common Attack Vectors.

  1. Troubleshooting

This chapter discusses the various DeltaV and Windows Tools used for Troubleshooting a DeltaV System.

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