PK Controller Overview, 7400 - Emerson Course

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Target Audience

This course is designed for process & control engineers responsible for installing and maintaining a PK controller standalone installation.


Recommended Course 7009 or 7018


The PK controller Virtual course teaches students already familiar with DeltaV configuration the required skills to commission, configure and maintain a PK controller. This course uses a PK Standalone Engineering station and PK controller to complete the exercises (internet connection required). Instructor-led lectures and demonstrations provide students with a detailed walkthrough of the PK controller setup and configuration.


  • PK Controller Hardware Overview
  • IOP-3 Port Configuration Options
  • Supported I/O Options
  • Operator Workstation and Operator Panel
  • Standalone Engineering Workstation Options
  • Licensing
  • Power Injection for I/O Card
  • PK Controller Administration
  • Creating New Projects
  • Backup & Restore Project Information
  • Using the SD Card
  • Configuring PK Controller IP Addresses
  • Comparing Runtime vs. Project Configurations
  • Copying Projects
  • Security Settings – Lock/Unlock Configuration with Key Switch
  • PK Merge Utility



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