AMS Machine Works, 2042V - Emerson Course

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This 2-day course is designed for users of AMS Machine Works and is based on the current software release. Students will learn how to navigate through the software and manage the database by adding devices from the network and configuring those devices for data collection and data storage. Students will also be instructed on how to map the collected data to measurement point locations by machine for detailed data analysis which includes alarms and the calculation of fault frequencies. Collected data will be analyzed using the AMS Machine Works   Vibration Analyzer and problem reports will be documented using Machine Journal. 

Devices discussed include the AMS 9420, AMS 6500 ATG and the AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor.


  • Basic Navigation
  • Database Building using the Asset Explorer utility
  • Machine Journal
  • User Manager
  • Dashboard
  • Mobile App


 Computer experience with the Windows operating system and some vibration analysis experience are recommended.


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