AMS Machinery Manager Database Optimization , 2003 - Emerson Course

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This 4-day course is the fourth in our series of AMS Machinery Manager courses. This course will instruct experienced users on database optimization techniques using an existing database and enhancing it by calculating and implementing improved Analysis Parameter (AP) sets. Students will learn how to identify when an AP set needs to be adjusted and how to make the adjustments effectively. This course will also focus on updating and optimizing alarm sets. Applications will include Vibration Analysis tab, Database Setup, Database Utility, Stored Data Management and Autostat.


Introduction to AMS Machinery Manager (course #2068), Intermediate AMS Machinery Manager (course #2074), Advanced AMS Machinery Manager (course #2070), Intermediate Vibration (course #2032) or two years vibration analysis experience are strongly recommended


  • Understanding the Database
  • Managing Invalid Data
  • Analysis Parameter Set Review
  • Electric Motor Points
  • Manual Alarm Adjustment
  • AutoStat Alarm Adjustment
  • Warning Alarms

This course is based on the current mass release of the AMS Machinery Manager software. Students may call to verify if the course is appropriate to the version they are using.

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•High speed internet access
•Audio enabled computer
•Access to launch Adobe Connect Meeting Room
•Access to

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