DeltaV Control Loop - Introduction, 9025V - Emerson Course

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This course is for engineers, managers, technicians, and others that are new to process control. This course includes the practical aspects of control design and process applications that course developers personally learned through years of hands on experience while designing and commissioning process control applications.


Windows experience.


This virtual 4-1/2 day course for personnel new to automation and covers process control fundamentals as well as the practical aspects of control system design and applications. Upon completion of this course the student will be able to effectively understand and work with single and multi-loop control strategies. Interactive workshops allow the student to apply what they learn in the class.


·        Background — Historic Perspective
·        Measurements — Basic Transmitter Types, Limitations
·        Analyzers — Examples of On-Line Analyzers
·        Final Elements - Valves and Variable Speed Drives
·        Field Wiring and Communications — Traditional, HART, Foundation fieldbus, WirelessHART
·        Control Strategy Documentation — Plot Plan, Flow Sheet, P&ID, Loop Sheet
·        Operator Graphics and Metrics — Considerations in Display Design
·        Process Characterization — Identifying Process Dynamics and Gain
·        Control Objectives
·        Single Loop Control — Basis for PID, Guideline in Selecting PID Structure, Action
·        Tuning and Loop Performance - Manual and Automated Tuning Techniques
·        Multi-loop Control — Feedforward, Cascade, Override, Split-range, Valve Position Control
·        Model Predictive Control —Addressing Difficult Dynamics, Interactive Processes
·        Process Modeling — Development of Process Simulation for Control System Checkout
·        Application Examples — Batch, Continuous, Combustion, Distillation, Unit Coordination


For Virtual trainings, requirements include:
•High speed internet access
•Audio enabled computer
•Access to launch Adobe Connect Meeting Room
•Access to


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