METCO Flow Measurement Management, M2678 - Emerson Course

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3-Day Course

  Can be delivered remotely

The course delivers an overall understanding of Liquid & Custody Transfer and Allocation Measurement and the role and responsibilities of the Measurement Site Management.

  • International Standards in use
  • The Flow Computer and HMI
  • Flow Computer calculations and input verification
  • The Flowmeter – USM, Coriolis & Turbine Meter
  • Meter Proving and Flowmeter verification / recertification
  • Pressure and Temperature Measurement
  • Densitometers
  • Liquid Sampling & BS&W measurement
  • Instrument verification and recertification
  • Typical fault handling
  • The Audit Trail
  • The Support Engineer Role
  • Data Communication
  • Daily Reports
  • Historian software overview
  • Mismeasurement handling
  • Recertification and Revalidation
  • Spares Management
  • Procedures – Operational and Maintenance
  • Maintenance Routine Frequencies
  • Management of Training
  • Management of Competency
  • Management of a Measurement Audit

2.4 CEU's

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