AgileOps Alarm Management Software, 7621 - Emerson Course

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During the 3-day course, become an expert on eliminating alarm floods for your site and meeting ISA 18.2 KPI performance metrics. Dynamic alarm management can increase productivity, reduce downtime, and improve safety. This course is specifically designed to help you realize these benefits through the optimal dynamic management of your control system with AgileOps Alarm Management Software. This course includes hands-on workstations with access to a live AgileOps system, allowing the student to fully understand the ease of use of AgileOps.



  • Alarm Management
    • Alarm philosophy
    • Dynamic rationalization
    • Pre-rationalization
    • Operator/Engineer Shelving
    • Boundary Management
  • AgileOps Alarm Management Software Overview
  • AutoDiscovery
  • Master Control System Database
  • Managing systems
  • Assigning branches
  • Managing branches
  • Boundaries
  • Alarms
  • Dynamic Management
  • Workspace
  • Operator interface
  • Intelligent Enable
  • List Management
  • Configuration
  • Operator lists
  • Operator interfaces
  • Engineer lists
  • System Administration
  • User Management
  • Alarm templates
  • Priority Matrix
  • Audit and Enforcement
  • Event KPI Reporting
  • Standard reports/dashboards
  • Custom reports
  • Adding/Moving reports to AgileOps menu

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