Alarm Management, 7620 - Emerson Course

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Dynamic Alarm Management and the rationalization of alarms based on process state or mode is rapidly becoming recognized as the key solution path to eliminating alarm floods. Reducing alarm floods is vital to meeting the standards (ISA18.2, ISO/IEC 62682 and EEMUA 191) adopted by governing bodies (OSHA & IEC) and industry (AIChE). In addition, automated alarm shelving management has proven as another best practice for near elimination of long standing alarm lists on the operator's console.

Our process engineers will share the experiences and best practices learned through rationalizing and implementing Dynamic Alarm Management on hundreds of operator workstations worldwide. The results captured by this work has made significant impact on the safety and operational awareness of every operator and is still paying dividends to the operating companies who have embraced the application of sound process engineering principles.



  • Defining Dynamic Rationalization
  • Benefits of Dynamic Rationalization
  • Alarm Management standards requirements
  • Alarm Management lifecycle
  • Steps of Dynamic Alarm Management
  • Implementing Dynamic Rationalization
  • Planning Dynamic Rationalization
  • Preparation for Dynamic Rationalization
  • Pre-Rationalization Steps
  • Conducting Alarm Management meetings
  • Long-term maintenance and monitoring
  • Preparing KPI reports
  • Control system specifics
  • Practical exercise

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Date Start: 2022-10-31
Date End: 2022-11-03

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