DeltaV Virtualization, 7029 - Emerson Course

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This course is designed for system administrators responsible for installing and maintaining DeltaV Workstations on a virtual platform.


This 4-1/2 day course focuses on the installation, configuration and system administration of a virtualized DeltaV distributed control system.  Using a combination of lectures and workshops students will learn skill sets that enable them to properly plan, implement and maintain a robust DeltaV Virtual Studio (DVS) system intended for online (production) use.  A key objective of this course is to prepare students for all aspects of owning a DVS system with special emphasis on providing highly available, reliable and secure access for end users of the DVS system.

The purchase of this course includes access to the eDVS23 course at no extra charge. Upon confirmed enrollment, the student will receive access to the eDVS23 online course (via email) to take at any time.

Course 7027, DeltaV Systems Administration for Windows 7 and Server 2008


• Virtualization Primer – Basics of How Virtualization Works
• Overview of DeltaV Virtualization Solutions
• Planning a DeltaV Virtual Studio System
• Installing and Configuring a VRTX Chassis and Blade Servers
• Creating DeltaV Virtual Machines including a ProfessionalPlus Node
• Configuring a WYSE Thin Client and Redundant Thin Client Networks
• Create a Highly Available Failover Cluster 
• Patching and Hardening of Cluster Nodes
• Cluster Health Monitoring and Troubleshooting
• Disaster Recovery and Replication
• Upgrading and Capacity Expansion


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