Gas Chromatograph Training Course, M2660 - Emerson Course

Specific for:

This class is intended for those who have rudimentary knowledge of Gas Chromatographs and it is based on a typical Online Gas Chromatograph.

Typical job functions would be Metering or instrument technician/engineer

Overview This is a 2-day course which will cover both operation and maintenance of a Gas Chromatograph.


Prerequisites Knowledge of instrumentation and the use of a computer will be assumed.



• Process Chromatograph Flow Configurations

• Overhauling Valves

• Sample, Carrier and Calibration Gas Systems

• Controller Hardware

• Installation and use of Software

• Setting Timed Events, Retention Times and Response Factor Calculations

• Checking for Proper Separation and Analysing Chromatograms

• Verifying that the Chromatograph is operating Correctly

• Troubleshooting the Chromatograph and Controller

• Configuring Reporting Details and Control Outputs

• Preventative Maintenance Procedures

• Communications and Modbus Registers

• Spare Parts and Tools Required


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