WCM - Watercut Meter, ROXWCM2 - Emerson Course

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The aim of this 2-day training is to enable participants to take full advantage of the meter in real applications. Upon completion of the course participants should be able to efficiently run Roxar meters on their own including delivering on-site quality reliable data without supervision, having enough self confidence to do normal routine maintenance, fault finding and troubleshooting.

Some experience with instrumentation would be helpful. In order to gain the maximum benefit of the course we recommend that each participant gets acquainted with Handbook of Water Fraction Metering available for download on www.nfogm.no (under documents section).

Intro of Watercut Metering and Technology
- Why Measure Watercut
- Watercut Metering Challenges/Requirements
- Technology for Watercut Measurement
Measurement Technology
- How to Measure Watercut
- Installation
- Microwave Signal Path
- Entrapment of Microwaves in a Pipe
- Microwave Resonance
- Permittivity of Oil and Water
- Water Continuous and Oil Continuous Phase
- Calculations
- Measurement Uncertainty, Initial Explanation
- Connecting to the Meter
- Going into the Main Menu
- Different Settings of the Meter
- StartingMeasurement
- Inline Calibration of a Meter
- Measurement Uncertainty
- Overview of Recommended Maintenance
- Diagnostics and Logging
- Reading the Settings Overview
- Record a Plot of the Microwave Electronics
- Common Error Messages
- Detecting if a Meter is Gas Filled
- Analysis and Filing
- Downloading New Code to a Meter
- Erasing the Battery Backed RAM in a Meter
- Troubleshooting the Temperature Transmitter
- Practical Exercises

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