Hydrocarbon Gas/Liquid Flow Measurement Systems Operation and Maintenance, D4510/D4520 - Emerson Course

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These 2-day courses provides students with a detailed understanding of the principles of measurement for Hydrocarbon Gases or liquids. Consideration of the correct primary measuring device, its installation, operation, and secondary instrumentation requirements will be explained. The instructor will reference applicable standards, used to design the system to optimize performance. This includes system calibrations and device maintenance. Supporting literature will be supplied to students.

A basic knowledge of flow measurement is required.

  • Background to Gas/Liquid Flow Measurement
  • Commercial and Legal Requirements
  • Principles of Current Flow Measurement Techniques
  • Secondary Instrumentation, including Gas/Liquid Sampling and Quality Analysers
  • System Design Standards
  • Meter Operation and Calibration Operations
  • Maintenance Procedures
  • Reporting and Book Keeping

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