Operation and Maintenance of the Daniel Compact Prover, D4270 - Emerson Course

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This course covers the operation, installation and maintenance of the Daniel Compact Prover.

Basic knowledge of flow measurement.

  • Theory of Operation: Double Chronometry and Specifications
  • Overview of the Parts Which Make up the Compact Prover such as Actuator Assembly, Pneumatic Spring Chamber, Piston and Poppet, Optical Switches, Hydraulic Motor and Pump, and Solenoid Valve
  • Installation: Prover and Meter Location, Nitrogen Spring Plenum Setting, and Power Requirements
  • Troubleshooting and Repair of: Safety Barriers, Seal and O-ring Replacement, Detector Switches, Interface Board, Hydraulic and Nitrogen System, and Spare Parts
  • Overview of Calibration: Seal Leak Test, Upstream and Downstream Calibration, and Waterdraw Data Sheet
  • Overview of Prover Electronics: Programming, Input and Data Modes Using Software/Local Display, Circuit Module Description, and Diagnostics
  • Proving Operations: Direct Proving and Master Meter Proving
  • Prover Maintenance

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