Operation and Maintenance of Gas/Liquid Ultrasonic Meters, D4230/D4280 - Emerson Course

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This course prepares students to install, operate, and maintain Daniel multipath ultrasonic flow meters. In addition to classroom instruction, the training course includes hands-on experience using the flow meter, simulator and diagnostic software.

  • Basics of Sound Waves
  • How Ultrasonic Flow Meters Work and Their Advantages over other Meters
  • The Performance Characteristics of Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meters
  • System Components and Mark III Electronics, including the Central Processing Unit (CPU) Board and the Option Board
  • Meter Mechanics
  • Removal and Installation of Transducer Assemblies
  • Volumetric and Mass Ultrasonic Gas Flow Measurement
  • Meter Installation Considerations
  • Inform the Instructor if Working on Liquid Meter

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