SYNCADE Suite - Equipment Tracking, 7083 - Emerson Course

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This 2-day class will provide the user with the necessary skills to create, configure and maintain equipment used in the production process. Users will configure equipment classes and equipment that will provide a solution for managing equipment use, maintenance and calibration information. Events will be set up on the equipment class that define actions that can be performed, or need to be performed, on equipment created from the equipment class. Rules and groups will be configured to assist in implementing controls on equipment and when certain events need to occur. Schedules will be created to set up periodic preventive maintenance and work orders will be created to cover the unscheduled activities that may be needed to fully utilize production equipment.

  • ET Overview
  • Create Equipment Classes
  • Define Calibration Targets
  • Add Custom Properties
  • Create Events and Event State Matrix
  • Create Rules and Groups
  • Material and Labor with Events
  • Event Scheduling
  • Create Equipment
  • Integrating Documents and Skills
  • Performing Events
  • Work Orders

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