SYNCADE - Training and Development, 7082 - Emerson Course

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This 1-day class will provide the user with the necessary skills to configure the Training and Development module to successfully ensure the workforce is up to date with job related skill sets. Users will configure the tasks and skill sets necessary for an individual to complete a job function as well as maintain those skills over time. Users will configure an organizational structure that will be used to define departments and positions and assign skills to those positions that will set the requirements for a person holding that position. Courses will be created that will teach the tasks required to fill a position in the organization.

Users will also schedule classes and learn how to enroll themselves and others using the training and requirement planners in the TD module.

Users will also be taught how to set up the notification processes within the Compliance Suite administration menus.

  • TD Overview
  • Defining the Organizational Structure
  • Creating Tasks
  • Creating Skills and Assigning Tasks
  • Certification Methods
  • Setting Up Training Classes
  • Creating Job Requirements
  • Integrating TD with Other Compliance Suite Modules
  • Maintaining Necessary Job Related Skills
  • Administration Notification Processes

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