Fieldbus Digital Valve Controllers, 7036 - Emerson Course

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Operator - Systems Reliability Manager Reliability Engineer Instrument Technician Instrument Technician Maintenance Technician Valve Engineer Operator - Control Valves


This 3-day course is designed to teach technicians and engineers the basics of fieldbus DVC installation, configuration, calibration, and troubleshooting using 375/475 Handheld, National Instruments tools and the AMS ValveLink™ software.

 The course begins with a review of the role and function of control valve positioners and proceeds through a series of hands-on exercises that require the student to disassemble, inspect, assemble, install, and commission a fieldbus DVC. Students will learn the basics of the fieldbus protocol, the role of function blocks, addressing, modes and status. Students will configure, calibrate, and commission devices using both NI tools and ValveLink™ software.


Hands-on exercises also teach students how to perform detailed setup routines and how to run and interpret various ValveLink™ diagnostics.

The class ends with a troubleshooting session that presents common problems and their solutions.



  • Welcoming-Introduction.
  • Cernay Site Visit.
  • Positioner Basics.
  • Fieldbus Overview.
  • DVC Installation and Mounting.
  • Modes and Status.
  • Configuration and Calibration with NI Tools.
  • Configuration and Calibration with new 375/475 Handheld.
  • Introduction to ValveLink™ Fieldbus Functionality.
  • ValveLink™ Setup Wizard / Detailed Setup.
  • Tuning.
  • Tag Management.
  • Pressure Control.
  • AMS ValveLink™ Diagnostics.
  • FIELDVUE™ Instrument Troubleshooting.
  • Review – Evaluation - Conclusion.



Basic familiarity with positioners–preferably DVC's and control valve basics will be useful.

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