Fieldbus Devices, 7030 - Emerson Course

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Instrument Technician

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This 4-day lecture/lab course provides maximum hands-on experience working with FOUNDATION fieldbus instruments such as: the FIELDVUE® Digital Valve Controller, Rosemount Pressure and Temperature Transmitters. The student will use the DeltaV control system to commission fieldbus devices, assign foundation fieldbus function blocks to field devices, troubleshoot using diagnostics and AMS Device Manager to manipulate device parameters.

There are no prerequisites for this course; however, a general understanding of process control including control valves, transmitters, control terms, and control loop basics is recommended. Computer skills should include a basic working knowledge of Windows.

The 375 Field Communicator and AMS ValveLink for Fieldbus will be demonstrated and available for students as optional activities.

  • DeltaV Scaleable System Overview
  • Macro Cycle Execution
  • Fieldbus Function Blocks
  • FieldVue Theory of Operation
  • Transmitter Theory of Operation
  • AMS Device Manager Methods
  • Fieldbus Wiring Practices
  • System Troubleshooting
  • Accessing Fieldbus Devices
  • Alarms and PlantWeb Alerts at DeltaV Workstations
  • Segment Checkout Procedures
  • Replace Wizard

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