AMS Device Manager with Rosemount HART Instruments, 7021 - Emerson Course

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Learn the installation, calibration, maintenance, and troubleshooting of measurement instrumentation using AMS Device Manager. The hand's on focus is on skills required by engineers, technicians, or others that are new to the plant or instrument environment.


This 3-day course teaches maintenance and calibration of measurement devices using AMS Device Manager software to communicate and track information. The student will learn how pressure and temperature transmitters function, are installed, and calibrated using AMS Device Manager. The course uses hands-on training, labs, and lecture to teach the student how to:


  • Configure and use AMS Device Manager
  • Correctly perform transmitter installation and setup procedures
  • Properly configure SMART transmitters
  • Properly calibrate transmitters
  • Perform basic troubleshooting-transmitters
  • Configuring and Using AMS Device Manager
  • HART Communication
  • SMART Transmitters (3051C, 3144P)
  • Test Equipment Selection
  • Transmitter Installation
  • Transmitter Configuration
  • Transmitter Calibration
  • AMS Calibration Manager
  • Intelligent Calibrators
  • Transmitter Troubleshooting

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