Power Quality and Grounding for Electronic Systems, 5590 - Emerson Course

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E&I Engineer

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This 2-day course is designed for personnel involved with the planning, installation and maintenance of DeltaV digital automation system and provides essential knowledge regarding the power and grounding system for DeltaV equipment.

This course focuses on specific power and grounding requirements of a control system. You will learn:


  • how to conduct site verifications
  • how to audit using “hands-on” testing labs
  • to detect power and grounding problems on existing sites


A working knowledge of electronics and AC power basics is required.

  • Review of Power Basics
  • Power System Measurements
  • Low Voltage Power Systems
  • Power System Grounding
  • Earthing vs. Grounding
  • Connection to Earth
  • Equipment Grounding
  • Code Requirements
  • Building Power Distribution
  • Feeders and Branch Circuits
  • Separately Derived Systems
  • Power & Grounding for the DeltaV System
  • Single Point Grounding
  • Isolated Ground Installations
  • Dedicated Circuits
  • DC Grounding
  • Verifying New Installations
  • Power Quality Problems
  • Applying Power Conditioning
  • SIS Power and Grounding Installation
  • Intrinsic Safety Devices

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