Rosemount 8700 Smart Magnetic and 8800 Series Vortex Flowmeters, 2394 - Emerson Course

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This combined class is intended anyone that is involved with properly configuring and troubleshooting a Rosemount 8700 Smart Magnetic & 8800 Smart Vortex Flowmeters. Typical job functions include; maintenance technicians, instrument technicians and instrumentation engineers.
This 1-day course is an abbreviated version of the 2340 and 2341 courses for Rosemount 8700 Series Magnetic and 8800 Series Vortex meters. Typically 2/3 of the course time is spent on Rosemount’s 8800 Vortex flowmeter and 1/3 on Rosemount’s 8700 Magnetic Flowmeter. Theory of operation, meter components and installation of each flowmeter are covered. The focus of the class is to provide a hands-on experience configuring and reviewing the most common troubleshooting issue and best practices for resolution.

This being a 1-Day class covering two flowmeters, some prior experience working with Rosemount’s Magnetic and Vortex flowmeters is recommended. However students with no past experience can also benefit if their learning objectives are to get a basic introduction to operation, installation, configuration and troubleshooting. For all attendees, it is assumed they have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of flow measurement, electricity, analog & frequency signal processing.

After attending the course the student will be able to do the following for both the Rosemount Magnetic and Vortex flowmeters:
  • Briefly Explain the Fundamentals for How Each Fowmeter Works and the Function of the Key Components
  • Have a Basic Understanding of the Installation Best Practices for Orienting, Mounting and Wiring the Sensor and Transmitter
  • Perform a Basic Configuration of the Metering System for Various Applications
  • Diagnose and Know How to Correct the Most Common Meter and Process Issues

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