Micro Motion Coriolis Technician, 2359 - Emerson Course

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This class is intended for anyone that is involved with properly installing, wiring, configuring and troubleshooting a Micro Motion flow and density meter. Typical job functions include; maintenance technicians, instrument technicians and instrumentation engineers.

This 2-day field class is a blend of lectures and hands-on exercises that cover the installation, configuration and calibration of the Micro Motion metering system. Students will learn the Series 1000/2000/3000 transmitters using these configuration tools; Prolink III, HC475, AMS or Display Interface. Students will perform a master reset and use Prolink III to configure the Series 1000/2000/3000, perform a flow calibration check and learn how to diagnose and solve troubleshooting problems. When the class is taught at a customer site the class can be customized to cover RFT9739/9739MVD transmitter with F-Series, T Series or R Series Sensors.

None required. However, basic understanding of the fundamentals of flow measurement, electricity, analog and frequency signal processing are assumed.

  • Explain the Fundamentals for how a Micro Motion Coriolis Meter Works and the Function of the Key Components
  • Learn the Installation Best Practices for Orienting, Mounting and Wiring the Sensor and Transmitter
  • Configure the Metering System to Measure Flow, Density and Temperature for Various Applications
  • Learn a Step by Step Process to Perform Basic Troubleshooting of the Most Common Meter and Process Issues

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