3095FT Flow Transmitter, 2342 - Emerson Course

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3095FT Flow Transmitter

This course is designed for those individuals responsible for the installation and maintenance of the Rosemount Smart Flowmeter System.
This 1-day course uses lectures and labs to teach the student how to install and maintain the Rosemount Model 3095FT Flow Transmitter.The student will also learn the operation and interface capabilities of the Rosemount Model 3095FT User Interface Software. Students who complete this will:
  • explain EFM devices
  • identify 3095FT parts/explain functionality
  • explain the principles of operation of the multivariable sensor module
  • properly install the Model 3095FT Smart Flow Transmitter
  • configure and calibrate the Model 3095FT with the 3095FT User Interface Software
  • identify transmitter flow calculation methods and identify audit trail data logs
  • troubleshoot and maintain the Rosemount 3095FT Flow Transmitter

Basic computer skills and knowledge of flow fundamentals.

  • Electronic Flow Measurement Applications
  • 3095FT Flow Transmitter Overview
  • Multivariable Sensor Module and Electronics Module
  • Flow Calculation and Data Logging
  • Test Equipment Selection
  • Configuring and Calibrating with the 3095FT User Interface Software
  • Remote Power Supply
  • Installation of 3095FT Flow Transmitters
  • Troubleshooting and Maintenance

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