8700 Series Smart Magnetic Flowmeter with HC475, 2340 - Emerson Course

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This course is intended for anyone that is involved with properly installing, wiring, configuring and troubleshooting a Rosemount 8700 Series Smart Magnetic flowmeter. Typical job functions include; maintenance technicians, instrument technicians and instrumentation engineers.
This 1-day course consists of a blend of lectures and hands-on exercises that cover how to install, configure, and maintain the Rosemount 8700 Series Magnetic Flowmeter Systems composed of the Model 8712 and 8732 Transmitters and the 8705 Flanged and 8711 Wafer Sensors. The students will learn the operation and capabilities of the Local OperatorInterface and HC475 Field Communicator and how to use these tools to perform configuration.Common issues encountered and
troubleshooting techniques will also be covered.

Knowledge of basic flow fundamentals and instrumentation.

  • Magnetic Flowmeter System
  • Smart vs. Analog Transmitters
  • Flow Tube Selection
  • Configuring Using LOI, Field Communicator or AMS?Device Manager
  • Local Operator Interface Functions
  • Positive Zero Return
  • Auxiliary Functions and Special Units
  • Signal Conditioning
  • System Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  • Bench Testing/Digital Trims
  • Process Noise and Grounding Diagnostics
  • Meter Verification Diagnostics

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