Fundamentals of FIELDVUE™®Digital Instruments & the Handheld Communicators, 1751 - Emerson Course

Specific for:

Operator - Control Valves Instrument Technician Maintenance Technician Operator - Control Valves


This course is for technicians, engineers and others responsible for installing, calibrating and basic troubleshooting FIELDVUE™ and related instruments using the 375/475 Handheld Communicator.

 The primary focus of this course is to provide a comprehensive experience in managing DVC’s using the 375/475 Handheld Communicator.

 This 2 days lecture/lab style course provides maximum class time with hands-on experience working with FIELDVUE™ instrumentation and the Model 375/475 Handheld Communicator.

The proper configuration and calibration of the Digital Valve Controller will be featured.


Students who take this course will be able to:

  • Install and mount a DVC2000 & DVC6000 series positioned onto a Sliding or rotary Stem Actuator/Valve.
  • Configure and calibrate FIELDVUE™ Instruments with the Model 375/475 Communicator.



  • Welcoming-Introduction.
  • Cernay Site Visit.
  • FIELDVUE™ Theory of Operation.
  • DVC2000 & DVC6000.
  • FIELDVUE™ Instrument Installation.
  • Model 375/475 Handheld Communicator.
  • Instrument Configuration and Calibration.
  • Instrument Troubleshooting.
  • Control Loop Wiring Practices & Tri-loop.
  • ValveLink™ Overview.
  • Review – Evaluation - Conclusion.



One to two years of experience and/or course 1400 (Valve Technician I).

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