Control Valve Engineering II, 1350 - Emerson Course

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Valve Engineer Engineering Manager Valve Engineer


This course is for practicing engineers and senior technicians who are seeking advanced training in control valve selection and sizing, and application problem solving.

This 4 days course proceeds from a review of basic sizing and selection concepts to advanced concepts used when selecting and sizing control valves for severe service and unusual applications.

The course includes lectures and numerous problem-solving sessions that make extensive use of Firstvue software and other sizing and selection tools.

Students who take this course will be able to:

  • Select and size of control valves and diffusers to reduce aerodynamic noise.
  • Select and size control valves for cavitating applications.
  • Select and size steam conditioning valves.
  • Select valve types and options for corrosive and erosive fluids.
  • Select size of control valves for two-phase flow and hydrocarbon mixtures.


  • Welcoming-Introduction.
  • Cernay Site Visit (if possible).
  • Aerodynamic Noise.
  • Whisper Trim.
  • IEC Noise Prediction.
  • Whisper Flow Diffusers.
  • Cavitation Issues and Solutions.
  • Steam Conditioning Valves.
  • High Pressure/Temperature Issues.
  • Sizing for Two Phase Flow, Fluid Mixtures, and dissolved Gas.
  • Corrosive/Erosive Service.
  • Actuators: Stroking Speed, Hysteresis, and Other Control Application Guidelines.
  • Review – Evaluation - Conclusion.



Students should have completed the Control Valve Engineering course (Course 1300) or have equivalent experience (minimum of two years specifying control valves and instrumentation). Familiarity with Fisher Specification Manageris highly recommended.

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