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Available on demand in Europe and scheduled in North America.

The 4-1/2 day DeltaV Cybersecurity course focuses on the DeltaV Security Manual and the practical implementation of the guidance provided within.  Students will engage in activities to properly apply Emerson’s Defense-in-Depth strategies so that students can have the skills to apply these same strategies on their DeltaV systems.  Students are encouraged to read the DeltaV Security Manual before attending class. 


· DeltaV Deployment Guidelines & Physical Security
    · Define the expected DeltaV installation environment
    · Define physical access rules (cabinets, switches, consoles, etc.)
· DeltaV Area Control Network
    · Define proper network segmentation and topology rules
    · Use DeltaV Firewall-IPD and Smart Switches
    · Lock and protect embedded nodes
· Communications Security & Remote Access to DeltaV
    · Define communication and security requirements for remote access
    · Use Emerson Smart Firewall
    · Deploy Remote Desktop Gateway server
    · Configure DeltaV remote desktop server
· Active Directory Design & User Account Management
    · Define Active Directory implementation guidelines
    · Create customized DeltaV users and groups
    · Audit user privileges
    · Configure password policies through Group Policy Objects
    · Configure smart card login for Windows and DeltaV
    · Create View-Only user account
Device Hardening & Event Logging
    · Define device internal and interface protection rules
    · Deploy DeltaV Endpoint protection and Application Whitelisting (McAfee)
    · Configure daily antivirus scans
    · Manage whitelist inventory, adding applications to whitelist
    · Configure Windows Firewall
    · Create USB/Removable media Group Policy Object
    · Configure syslog and other device logs to report to a System Information and Event Management (SIEM) appliance
    · Configure DeltaV Network Security Monitoring appliance
    · Use SIEM dashboard to show system events
Software Patching
    · Define how to obtain and install security patches
    · Use Emerson’s Automated Patch Management solution
Backup & Recovery
    · Define best practices and available technologies to backup critical data
    · Use the DeltaV Backup & Recovery (Acronis) software


DeltaV System Administrators or IT personnel responsible for implementing DeltaV security

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