Machinery Health™ - Fundamentals of Vibration & CSI 2140, 2014 - Emerson Course

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Duration 2 & 1/2 Days
Overview: Course 2014 is the course# for 2069 Fundamentals of Vibration Analysis & 2076 Fundamentals CSI 2140 combined

The 2 1/2-day class prepares participants for the Basic Vibration Analysis Training Course. Students learn about causes of vibration and methods of measurement. Although the training course does not provide instruction on Emerson's CSI technologies, the class uses them to demonstrate vibration principles.
Topics: • Introduction to Vibration
• Components of a Predictive
• Maintenance Program
• Basic Fault Identification
• Vibratory Fault Characteristics and Patterns
• Information to Help Jump Start a Vibration Program
Audience: This 2 1/2-day course is for those with no prior experience in vibration analysis.

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