Machinery Health™ - CSI Online Prediction Operation and Maintenance, 2088 - Emerson Course

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Duration 4 Days
Overview: This 4-day course best suits those who have a CSI 4500, CSI 6500, CSI 2600 or XP32 system installed and operational prior to attending the course.
Topics: · Vibration basics and terminology relating to the CSI 4500, CSI 6500, CSI 2600 or XP32
· System overview: functionality and system components
· Online Watch - used to monitor the system daily
· Online Config - adding a new machine to an existing database
· Vibration Analysis Module - spectrums, waveforms and trend data
· PEAKVUE™ technology Processing
· Transient setup and capture evaluation
· Review of customer databases
Audience: · System users or analysts
· Personnel using the CSI 4500, CSI 6500, CSI 2600 or XP32 daily
· Those responsible for configuring databases and analyzing data
Prerequisites: Knowledge of vibration and industrial machinery is helpful, but not necessary.

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