General pH, Conductivity and ORP Theory, 2200 - Emerson Course

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This one-day course provides a solid theoretical background in pH, conductivity, and ORP measurements.

Students will:

  • Understand how each measurement is made
  • Recognize installation/application problems
  • Learn configuration and calibration procedures
  • Implement a maintenance program
  • Troubleshoot problems using diagnostics


  • What is pH/Conductivity/ORP and How measurements are made
  • Physical Process Properties and How They affect online Measurements
  • Proper Calibration Techniques
  • Cleaning and Maintenance of a Sensor
  • Choosing Correct Sensor for any Process
  • How to Decipher Diagnostic Readouts
  • pH/Conductivity Sensor Overview
  • pH/Conductivity/ORP Analyzer Overview

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Course Details

Location: Norway, Porsgrunn
Date Start: 2019-04-25
Date End: 2019-04-25

Location: Sweden, Karlstad
Date Start: 2019-05-14
Date End: 2019-05-15

Location: Sweden, Karlstad
Date Start: 2019-11-12
Date End: 2019-11-13

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