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This 8 hour (average duration) on-line course provides an orientation of Batch Analytics Model Builder. The course includes audio presentations, demonstrations, hands-on practices, hands-on workshops, and quizzes. Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
  • Define basic principles of Batch Data Analytics and their use in fault detection and quality parameter prediction.
  • Use the Batch Data Analytics Model Builder application to build and deploy a project for fault detection and quality parameter prediction.
  • Users will be able to recognize and navigate the screens needed to build a model in Batch Analytics.
  • Users need to define batch logic, stage logic, and initial condition logic needed for model development.
  • Users will be able to interpret analytic data of the Model Builder application using a saline example.
  • Users will be able to build a Batch Data Analytics model.

DeltaV Batch experience and Microsoft Windows experience is required. Statistical/Quality background would be beneficial.


  • Batch Analytics Overview
  • Batch Analytics Model Builder Overview
  • Batch Analytics Viewer Overview
  • Batch Saline Simulation
  • Benefits of Using Batch Analytics
  • Batch Analytics Manager Administration
  • Batch logic, stage logic, and initial logic required to build a model
  • Batch Analytics Model Builder - Equipment
  • Batch Analytics Model Builder - Product
  • Batch Analytics Model Builder – Model

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