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Personnel responsible for the installation, wiring, start-up, configuration and maintenance of ControlWave gas flow computers
The ControlWave Gas Measurement course provides students with a thorough understanding of configuring the ControlWave® GFC, EFM, and XFC Flow Computers for single or multiple-run gas measurement.
As a hands-on course, students will use TechView to collect historical logs, calibrate internal and external pressure sensors, and gain troubleshooting techniques for real world applications.
The following are suggested, not mandatory:
  • Participants should have a working knowledge of their application/process.
  • Participants should be familiar with Windows XP or later versions and posess a general knowledge of gas measurement and production.
  • Hardware Configuration
  • TechView Software Overview
  • Log Collection
  • Troubleshooting
  • Configuring 4-Run Gas Application

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