Operation and Maintenance of the 700XA Gas Chromatographs, R4213 - Emerson Course

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This 5-day course is appropriate for those who have either worked with a chromatograph for at least six months or completed the ‘Introduction to Gas Chromatographs’ course. It prepares participants to operate and repair a 700XA gas chromatograph.

‘Introduction to Gas Chromatographs’ course or equivalent knowledge.

• Understanding Gas Chromatography and a Gas Chromatograph

• Using the Basic Chromatograph System in Process Gas Analysis

• Understanding Carrier and Calibration Gas Systems

• Installing and Operating MON Software

• Applying Chromatograph Integration Techniques and Post-Analysis Calculations

• Using the Chromatograph to Identify Problems

• Setting Timed Events, Retention Times, and Response Factors

• Starting Up a Gas Chromatograph

• Understanding Sample Handling Systems

• Verifying Proper Operation of the Gas Chromatograph

• Conducting Preventative Maintenance

• Communicating to Other Devices

• Reviewing Spare Parts Recommendations

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Location: UK,
Date Start: 2018-11-13
Date End: 2018-11-16

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