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This course is designed for individuals using the OilView instruments to collect on-site oil analysis data. The course is designed for new as well as experienced OilView users who wish to take advantage of the more advance features of the AMS Machinery Manager software. This course teaches the student database creation and modification, creation and modification of Analysis Parameter and Alarm Limit Sets, how to setup and configure the OilView software module, calibration and use of the all OilView instruments, including the CSI 5200 Trivector Analyzer, for analyzing oil samples on-site, data interpretation, and basic reporting. The course will also provide basic instruction on the use of the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and Wear Debris Analysis (WDA) software modules.

  • Reference Oil Database Management
  • Database Construction and Modification
  • Analysis Parameter Sets
  • Alarm Limit Sets
  • Best Practices for Onsite Analysis using OilView
  • Importing Laboratory data
  • Basic Wear Debris Analysis
  • Data Analysis and Reporting

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