Advanced Natural Gas Orifice Flow Measurement, D4320 - Emerson Course

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This 3-day course covers application of metering to natural gas. The course is designed for experienced gas measurement personnel with basic fundamental knowledge of meters and their operation. Coverage of the latest concepts of design and equipment use will be presented to broaden the knowledge of the attendees.

  • Design of Meter Stations
  1. Contract Requirements
  2. Other Concerns
  3. Single Versus Multiple Tubes
  4. Design Problems
  5. Economics Versus Accuracy
  • Accuracy of Gas Flow Measurement
  1. Definition
  2. How Obtained
  3. New Concepts
  • Influences in Gas Measurement
  1. FERC 636 (Government)
  2. Economics
  3. Standards
  4. New Technology
  • New Metering Concepts
  1. Computers as Analysis
  2. New Devices
  3. Ultrasonics
  4. Vortex Shedding
  5. Coriolis
  • Future
  1. Energy Forecasts
  2. U.S. Gas Industry
  3. World Gas Industry
  • Summary

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