Ovation Third-Party I/O Interfaces (for Windows), OV295-WIN - Emerson Course

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The course teaches the students how to create specialized I/O links to non-Ovation field devices using both serial link modules and the Ovation™ Ethernet highway. The course covers configuring and loading link controller modules, creating third party points, memory mapping, adding third party drivers to controllers and the Ovation addressing requirements. The course duration is four days.


Upon successful completion of this course, using the reference material provided, the student will:

• Understand the Architecture and the functionality of the Ovation Fast Switched Ethernet Highway, and the need to protect it from external sources
• Define MAC and IP addressing, and Ethernet protocols
• Understand how Ethernet switches work
• Understand the Ovation IP addressing requirements
• Understand the various options for connecting Third Party I/O to the Ovation Highway
• Understand the Modbus register concept
• Understand the Modbus commands available in Ovation releases
• Be Aware of the difference in Modbus Drivers based on Ovation Releases
• Be Able to load and install Ovation Modbus drivers
• Be Able to build Ovation Point records for communication to Modbus
• Verify successful communications between Ovation and a PC Modbus simulation
• Interpret Ovation Controller Modbus error codes
• Recognize Fundamental AB Data Files
• Be Able to load and install Ovation Allen-Bradley Drivers
• Be Able to build Ovation Point records to communicate to an AB SLC500
• Verify successful communications between Ovation and the AB SLC500

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