DeltaV Advanced Control, 7201 - Emerson Course

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Process Engineer Engineering Manager Control System Engineer

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In-Class, Virtual

This 4-1/2 day course introduces students to the advanced control tools available within DeltaV and how they may be used to improve plant operations. The principal technology that is utilized in each product will be discussed. The areas of improvement that may be achieved will be detailed. Also, each student will gain hands on experience with these tools in class exercises based on realistic process simulations.

Courses 7101, PlantWeb/DeltaV Intro. or 7009, DeltaV Implementation I or equivalent field experience.

  • The Control Foundation in DeltaV
  • Traditional Tools e.g. Override, Cascade, Ratio
  • Improvements Provided by Advanced Control
  • DeltaV Inspect with InSight
  • Detection of Abnormal Conditions
  • Performance Indices
  • Performance Reports
  • DeltaV Tune with InSight
  • Tuning Response
  • Process Learning
  • Adaptive Tuning
  • Adaptive Control
  • DeltaV Fuzzy
  • Principles of Logic Control
  • FLC Function Block, Tuning
  • DeltaV Predict
  • MPC for Multi-Variable Control
  • Model Identification, Data Screening
  • Simulation of Response, Tuning
  • DeltaV Neural
  • Creation of Virtual Sensor
  • Data Screening, Training
  • DeltaV Simulate Suite
  • Process Simulation
  • Simulate Pro

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Course Details

Location: Russia, Москва
Date Start: 2019-04-29
Date End: 2019-04-30

Location: Netherlands & Belgium, Rijswijk
Date Start: 2019-06-17
Date End: 2019-06-21

Location: Netherlands & Belgium, Rijswijk
Date Start: 2019-12-09
Date End: 2019-12-13

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