PlantWeb/DeltaV Introduction, 7101 - Emerson Course

Specific for:

Process Engineer E&I Engineer Reliability Engineer Plant Manager Production Manager Reliability Manager Engineering Manager

Course No.:

In-Class, Virtual

This course is for individuals needing an introduction to the technology and concepts used in the new generation of process control systems and safety systems.

Students who complete this 3-day course will be able to:


  • use and apply PlantWeb terminology and acronyms
  • understand the functions of DeltaV hardware components
  • understand the capabilities of DeltaV software applications
  • understand the Foundation™ fieldbus technology
  • understand AMS Device Manager software
  • understand the DeltaV SIS?architecture


  • DeltaV System Description
  • Analog Control Modules
  • Discrete Control Modules
  • FOUNDATION fieldbus
  • AMS Device Manager
  • DeltaV SIS Overview
  • SIFs in DeltaV
  • DeltaV?SIS?Operations

Course Details

Location: Germany, Langenfeld - German
Date Start: 2019-09-23
Date End: 2019-09-25

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