SYNCADE - Materials, Inventory and Order Management, 7084 - Emerson Course

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This 3-day class will provide the user with the necessary skills to create and manage all types of materials as they flow into, through and out of the production environment during order execution. Users will create material masters to define the material characteristics, create inventory, create and execute orders, allocate materials, create material samples, track lots and containers and perform weigh and dispense activities.

  • Material/Inventory Management Overview
  • OM Overview
  • Material Masters
  • Material Properties
  • Quality Statuses
  • Order Creation and Execution
  • Material Allocations
  • Weigh and Dispense
  • Trusted Dispensing
  • Sampling
  • Purchasing and Receiving
  • Lot and Container Actions
  • Physical Inventory
  • Genealogy
  • Inventory Adjustments

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