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Completing 3-days of AMS Device Manager hands-on instructor assisted training modules and exercises, provides the quickest route to your productive use of this predictive maintenance application. The training exercises focus on skills required by engineers and technicians, and are based on real-world tasks that most users will encounter on the job.

7020-1 Configuring and Using AMS Device Manager
• Viewing and Modifying Devices
• Creating a Plant Database Hierarchy and Adding Devices
• Using the Field Communicator with AMS Device Manager
• Using the AMS Device Manager Browser Functions
• Audit Trail
• Calibrating Device - Calibration Assistant
• Configuring and Monitoring System Alerts

7020-2 System Administration
• AMS Device Manager System Overview
• Installing an AMS Device Manager Server Plus Standalone
• Starting AMS Device Manager for the First Time
• Network Communication Interface Setup
• AMS Device Manager Database Management
• Installing a Distributed System
• Installing Device Types from Media

7020-3 SNAP-ON™ Applications
• AMS ValveLink® SNAP-ON Application - Basics
• MV Engineering Assistant SNAP-ON Application
• QuickCheck™ SNAP-ON Application
• AMS Device Manager OPC Server and the Matrikon OPC Explorer
• AMS Device Manager Web Services
• AlertTrack™ SNAP-ON Application
• Wireless SNAP-ON Application

This instructor assisted course is operated in a hands-on, self-paced environment, which allows the student to work at their individual pace. Training can also be delivered at your plant with the help of our certified instructors.

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Course Details

Location: UK, Leicester
Date Start: 2019-02-25
Date End: 2019-02-28

Location: Norway, Porsgrunn
Date Start: 2019-03-12
Date End: 2019-03-14

Location: Russia, Москва
Date Start: 2019-03-18
Date End: 2019-03-22

Location: UK, Leicester
Date Start: 2019-04-15
Date End: 2019-04-18

Location: Netherlands & Belgium, Rijswijk
Date Start: 2019-05-27
Date End: 2019-05-29

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